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This is a record of what is new on the website. Entries are in reverse time sequence, so the newest modifications are at the top. Check here first to see if there's anything you haven't seen yet, or if you want to know what has been updated.


I've updated the Troop Advancement in the Members section, and added on the new Eagles in the last few years, with photos, to our list of Eagles. Eagles under 18 either do not have full names or do not have photos, or both.

We have a Troop Group (members Only) on Facebook. Just search for Troop Ole 97 in the Facebook Groups Area. It's a good way to stay in touch with current events in the troop. I also have a separate one set up for the Ole97 Alumni, a place to swap stories, pictures, and meet up with old friends from the troop, if you aren't local enough to make one of the Alumni get-togethers.

I've also added some of the older guys' pictures to the list of Eagles. I expect they'll be after me soon to pull them down or Update them with something that looks a bit more respectable than a cameo shot at the reunion... :-)


I've updated the Troop Advancement in the Members section, and added on the new Eagles in the last few years, with photos, to our list of Eagles. Eagles under 18 either do not have full names or do not have photos, or both.

NOTE: Plans are underway to create an ALUMNI Website for those who have been in the troop. There are some exciting plans concerning this, it will be a repository of Photographs, Audio, and Video from every decade of the troop. Alumni will be able to logon there and download, and perhaps even donate or pay dues through Paypal.


Updated Troop Records in the Members section. Compressed the HUGE song file by the Wright Sisters into MP3 encoding. Added the Troop Logo as a 'Favorites' Icon, and added some fade-in and fade-out for a professional touch.
Corrected the Map Symbols Quiz on the Games page.
Updated the Ole97 Fight Song to MP3 Guitar and lame old man singing.


Added an entertaining song By the Wright Sisters called 'The Boy Scouts who Don't Do Anything'. Click HERE to listen and read the lyrics...


Created a picture page for our Semi Truck Pinewood Derby
which happened August 20th. Check out the pics!


Created a page for our upcoming Pinewood Semi Truck Derby
Come check it out, open for all kids ages 7-12 in the area.


Todd Rooks has set up a Discussion Group for our Ole 97 Alumni.
The Discussion Group is on Yahoo. You can join the group at any time by clicking on the link below.
The Discussion Group Operates via email. Once you have registered your email address, you simply send emails to Ole97@yahoogroups.com.

The Ole97 Fight Song was LOST for more than a decade, but it is back in operation.
Because no one could quite remember it, a 'best approximation' was written and is still hanging on. See the history behind the two versions and listen to and learn the song by clicking the link below.
Ole 97 Fight Song


(Happy Valentines Day!)
Added a Current Roster in the Members section. This includes the new kids come over from Troop 190. Welcome Aboard, guys!
Also Added an updated Calendar of events, in Table format. This format is viewable only using Internet Explorer. I will soon add support for Netscape and Web-TV to that page as I have for the Eagles List.


A GAMES page has been added to this website, with some fun and informative quizzes. Try them out and see how you score!
Also added an ANIMATED KNOTS link on the Links page. Those of you having trouble with your knots should check that site out. It shows exactly how to tie most of the knots we study.


Added a Complete website for our new PACK! Go see what's up there. It's still under construction, but there's some neat stuff there. I plan to put some simple games on that page, and pictures as they become available.


(Happy Thanksgiving!!)
Added pictures for 10 other Eagles to the Eagle List.


Added 4 Eagles to the Eagle List. (Congrats, guys!!) And added multiple project write-ups.
Added this super-cool background, and put it on the Eagle page too. (makes it easier to read...)


Added a 'Reunion' page on the main menu, to document the Trio to Old Kia Kima for the Reunion.


Modified the Advancement records in the 'Members' section. Created this webpage and linked it to the main page menu and site map. Only troop members and alumni can have access to the 'Members' section.


Added pictures courtesy of Jack Willcox of the 1953 National Jamboree Trip. Added a forum for entering interesting stories or exchanging information. Added plans for Buddy Irwin's dream building to the Future and Current webpages.

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