First Annual Semi Truck Derby

On Saturday, August 20th, our pack hosted a Council-wide Semi-Truck Pinewood Derby. We had an absolute BLAST!
There were Door prizes, raffle prizes, eats and more eats, Some fine juggling entertainment, and a couple yoyos to round out the show! Oh, and not to mention the greatest truck rally EVER!!

The Southaven Fire Department came out, with Sparky the Fire Dog, and a robotic Fire Hydrant. There is a video below of them both.

NOTE: The video clips below require a movie player that can play .MOV files. The only one I know of is Quicktime, which you can download for free by visiting simply by clicking their logo below.
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Click here for video clip!
Sparky and the Fire Hydrant acting up...

Check-in and Weigh-in happened at this table....

The Fire Department was there in force...

Some scouts from the Troop came to compete and to help with the program...
Click here for pictures of ALL the trucks!
Here are some of the trucks that competed. Click on the picture to see all the trucks...

Cubmaster Tony trying to squeeze that final .0000001 ounce into his trucks...
Tiger Den Leader Angela wondering WHO is this clown taking all these pictures??

A cameo appearance by Richard Milhouse Nixon. Wait, no, that's not peace signs, it's sign language for 'I love you.'

Is Tony Wright going to have to buy a horse soon?

Well, looks like the age of the CB Radio is a thing of the past!

Here's a gas guzzler! This beauty didn't compete, Guess with the price of gas these days they just couldn't afford the trip down the track!

Here's an interesting 'logger' design.

C'mon, let's have a look at that LOOT! Look at all those trophies to win!

Here's a close-up of Sparky the Fire Dog!

Starting out with the pledge of Allegiance, nice screensaver, Kyle!

The entrants are biting their nails!

Folks are watching the finish line, ready for the start!!
Click here for a video clip!
And They're OFF!

Tony Wright, givin' away the store! Here's a hat from NASCAR, let's see which entrant wins it!
Click here for a video clip!
The contestants wait impatiently for their trucks to come across the Finish Line. Click for a Video clip!
Click here for video clip!
Yet another heat, check out the action from a different angle.

...And some more door prizes, that's a NASCAR model, isn't it?

...And even more door prizes, sported with an ATTITUDE!
Click here for video clip!
Here's a guy who knows how to celebrate over getting a door prize. Click him for a video of some yoyo who looks a little less thrilled... (C'mon, Kathy, can't you show a little more enthusiasm?)
Click here for a video clip!
Now here's a different angle to view the race from!! Click for a video clip!

Check out Amanda's face as her Troop Ole 97 Transport wins by a nose!
Click here for a video clip!
Here's a little half-time entertainment. Click for a video clip!

...And now for the BIG door prizes, and buddy, I mean BIG!!!
Click here for a video clip!
Wanna watch these trucks shrink? Click for a video clip!
Click here for a video clip!
Click here for a video clip of the Yard Dog coming to Bite you!
Click here for pictures of the winners.
Now here's a happy winner! Click on the bald guy for pictures of the winners!

Now, Here's an interesting way to see how your trucks stack up against the competition! This set is getting ready for the ride home.