So, Hey! How do I join up?

So, you're interested in checking us out further? Maybe even joining up? Well, here's how to take the next step:

1) If you live in the Greater Memphis area, and you would like us to contact you, click on the link below to notify us. Please include the following:
Your Name (or Parents' names, if you are the boy interested in joining)
Your email address
Your daytime/nightime phone number
The name and age of the boy who wishes to join
How you wish to be contacted (email/phone)

The scoutmaster will either email you or call you, based on the information you provide.
Contact Scoutmaster

2) If you don't feel comfortable filling out a form, or just really would rather come out and check out our group, see our schedule and come to one of our meetings.

Boys must attend three meetings before being allowed to join. This gives the boy a chance to see how the troop runs, and determine if he would like to be a part of it.

Of course, no organization can function without a set of bylaws (rules of organization and conduct) and each boy has to sign a 'Contract' to join. Click on the links below to read our Bylaws and our 'Contract'.

Troop Bylaws
Member Handbook

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