Email and Communication

Boy Scout Troop Ole 97 uses a single email address and distribution list for all troop communications. The following details how you can be added to the list.

Steps to Becoming an Email List Member

  1. Make Request
    1. Send an email requesting addition to the list to
    2. For the time being, copy request to webmaster goawanapapa (at) yahoo (dot) com
    3. Put REQUESTING EMAIL in the subject line
  2. Verification
    1. Upon being added to the list, you will receive an auto-email from TroopOle97 Webmaster (Google Groups) asking you to verify the addition of your email.
    2. In the verification email, click on the verify link
    3. Be advised: some spam filters block the verification email, so you may have to look for it.
  3. Enjoy
    1. Whenever an email is sent to our distribution list all members of the list will receive a copy
    2. Hit REPLY to the reply only to the sender. Or, hit REPLY ALL to reply to the entire group
    3. If you would like to withdraw from the list, find the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every group email or simply send email to

All of the above messaged will be included in the verification email notification.

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