Plans for a New Meeting Facility

The original plan for the building was an octagonal shape. The picture below is a sketch Buddy had done of a square 100ft x 100ft plan.
sketch of the new building - square plan

The following plans are for a proposed new building for our Troop to meet. This building will be used for troops that are travelling through the area as a place to rest free of charge, provided they act as scouts while they are there.

The building will also be used for travelling missionaries, such as the NICS missionaries that come to our church every year for pre-field orientation.

Here is an interior view of the building. There are 8 rooms around the perimeter, which will house 3 bunks, to sleep 6 people in each room.

4 bathrooms are also around the perimeter, with showers.

Inside the central meeting room is a 20'x40' stage, a raised dais for the senior staff, for skits and presentations.

Behind the central meeting room is a kitchen, complete with electric stove/oven, refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher.

Just off the kitchen is a walk-in pantry, to be kept stocked with dry goods and non-perishables, and paper products. It's expected that visiting groups would bring their own perishables, and the majority of their non-perishables.

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