Chris Cooper's Story

We had gone to a State campout for NCHA and were going canoeing. We were staying at Crazy Horse campgrounds. A lot of my relatives were there also; my uncle, aunt, 3 cousins, and John's parents. My sister (Laura) and I were going swimming with my cousins. It was about 50-65 degrees outside. We had been playing in a cornfield for about an hour, when we decided to go swimming. We knew that the water was going to be cold so we didn't change clothes. My cousin Lauren was wearing a long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. Laura was wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans and tennis shoes. I was wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans and cleats. Lauren and I were racing across to the other side (of the river). When Lauren and I reached the other side I heard Laura yelling 'Help!' I looked around, and saw Laura swimming rapidly but she wasn't making any progress. I hadn't known that Laura got in the water. I was already tired. I haven't been in Scouts long enough to take a swimming rescue class. I didn't know that you were supposed to get someone drowning from the back around the neck, so I went to pull Laura towards the shore. Unexpectedly, she pushed me under. My cousin Lauren came to help me but she got tired and swam away. I couldn't keep this up much longer. I told Laura to stop yelling because she was wasting her breath yelling. I knew that if I tried to reach her she would pull me back to her. I placed my foot under a root and reached out to Laura; she pulled on me but pulled herself back to shore. When she reached me it was still too deep for her, so I told her to calm down, and I pulled her to shore.

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