Caleb Sparks' Story of Courage

Back in 1989, one of the boys in our Troop, Caleb Sparks, was sitting in the den of his house. The house was situated at the top of a hill with a small lake at the foot of the hill, for the community to fish in. His 2 year old brother was playing in the back yard.
Suddenly Caleb saw that the family car was rolling rapidly down the hill, with his younger brother happily playing with the steering wheel as the car approached the lake.

Caleb dashed out through the sliding glass door and ran as fast as he could after the car. The car reached the lake and immediately floated out to water over Caleb's head. Caleb ran into the water and swam out to the rapidly sinking car. Thankfully the window was rolled down, and Caleb reached in to extract his brother before the car went under.

He put his brother in a cross-chest carry and swam with him back to shore as the car's trunk came up and the car sank out of sight, leaving a froth of bubbles in its wake.

His brother's comment when Caleb had him safely to shore?

"Big Boat don't float!"

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