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Upcoming Events!

2010 Spring Camporee

The Camporee will be March 19-21 at Currier. Be Prepared. Study your knots and Map Symbols and be ready for this. The competition will be stiff but you guys should be able to bring home the Red, White, and Blue if you live by that Scout Motto, and remember that A Scout is Courteous.

Troop Elections

Our Troop Elections are coming up in just a few weeks. Be sure to be there so you can vote.
Remember - if you are First Class, or above, you need a Position of Responsibility in the Troop in order to advance. If you do not get elected to a leadership position, please come see one of the Adult Leaders to see about getting an assigned position.

A Little Music

What you see below here should be an embedded player of songs I've written (or Buddy Irwin wrote) for The Boy Scouts and for our Troop as well.

Click on the player to start the music going. (You may have to click once to make it active, then click on the 'play' button to get the music going.)

If you want to see the lyrics, and read write-ups on these songs, (or if you don't see a SoundClick player at ALL and wonder what I'm talking about) click on the link below and it will take you to the Band's Website.
LegalEagles SoundClick Site!

Now playing: LegalEagles

Two of our fans, Tori and Amanda Wright, have written a song especially for the boys in the Scout Troop, sort of a labor of love. Click on the link below to read the lyrics and listen to the song...
Listen to the Song

Click HERE to join!

Ole 97 Discussion Forum!

Todd Rooks has set up a Discussion Group for our Ole 97 Alumni.
The Discussion Group is on Yahoo. You can join the group at any time by clicking on the link below.
The Discussion Group Operates via email. Once you have registered your email address, you simply send emails to

Ole 97 Fight Song!

The Ole97 Fight Song was LOST for more than a decade, but it is back in operation.
Because no one could quite remember it, a 'best approximation' was written and is still hanging on. See the history behind the two versions and listen to and learn the song by clicking the link below.
Ole 97 Fight Song

Scout Troop Ole 97

About US

Ole 97 is a Boy Scout Troop committed to instilling lasting Christian values into young men of the next generation, teaching them how to be self-reliant, dependable, hard-working leaders who will shape the coming generations. The young men who graduate from our troop are, by and large, outstanding members of the community. Some go on to be doctors, or lawyers, firemen, businessmen, computer programmers, pilots, truck drivers, mechanics.

Yes, they come from all walks of life, and they go into all walks of life. But they take something lasting with them when they go, a common desire to take the world by storm, and make a DIFFERENCE. And a basic grounding in the outdoor skills. And perhaps a deeper understanding of why they were born to such a time and place as this.

Have a look at the brochurethat we hand boys interested in joining our troop. Or browse around our website using the menu to the left. Check out the RICH history our Troop has, and the bright future it has planned.

See our list of Eagle Scouts, Check out our calendar, our roster. Check out the resources we have to offer, and links to other great Scouter Resource sites. Come back often, things are changing rather often on this site.

Bragging Rights!!

Ole 97 has been an active Boy Scout Troop since 1937! Many boys in our troop go on to become Eagle Scouts. So far we have 209 Eagles. (as of 02/2010).

It is also reported to be the most 'travelled Troop' in the Nation. Every year our Troop goes on a Summer Camp trip, but often this is to Camps as far away as West Virginia.

Every third year our Troop takes what we call a 'long trip', lasting 14 days, to various parts of the Nation. Sometimes this trip takes us out West, to places like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Petrified Forest, Dinosaur National Park, and the Painted Desert.

Sometimes the trip goes East, and we explore Washington DC, Jamestown, Boston, and Philadelphia, teaching the boys about the birth of our great nation.

Sometimes our Troop heads into the sunny South. We explored the Florida coast, and were allowed to drive our bus around the Daytona 500 - BACKWARDS!! (We didn't win any races, though)

We also send our older boys on trips to Philmont Scout Reservation in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

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