Fun Games


A Quiz on Map Symbols (Scouts)

A Quiz on Bobcat Requirements (Cubs)

A Hard Riddles Quiz (Scouts, Adults)

A Quiz on Cartoon Characters (Kids)

Word Searches

A Sign Language Word Search

Cub Scout Interactive Word Search


Sokoban - a fun puzzle with several levels

Arcade Games

Breakout - Destroy the bricks with a ball.

Text Adventure Games

Get to the Cub Scout Meeting
- To win this game all you have to do is find and wear all the parts of your Cub Scout uniform and get your Cub Scout Handbook before time runs out.

The Cumberland Caverns Spelunking Trip
- To win this text adventure game, You need to:
. Pack for the Trip
. Enjoy the Trip
. Prepare for the Unexpected...
(This game is long and involved, but well worth the hour or so it will take to beat it. Give me some feedback and tell me you enjoyed it and I might make some more like it...) (By the way, that's not intended as a threat...)

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