The above Text Adventure game is a game where you try to pack for a trip to Cumberland Caverns and the Adventure that befalls you there.

***NOTE: You MAY have to click into the text screen in order for the game to work. If you type and nothing shows in the game's text window, click into

Some notes on Text Adventure games:
Text adventure games are ALL text. They are from an age when gaphics for computers was rare or unavailable. They require you to give the computer commands by typing words into them. Some of them were very particular about what you typed. This one is somewhat forgiving and you can type whole sentences into it. But you probably won't want to.

If you want help, type 'HELP' into the adventure game. It will bring up a screen of commands you can type into the game.

Please note that SAVE and RESTORE may not available due to applet security restrictions. Leaving this page may or may not restart the game depending on the behavior of your browser.

If you want the ability to save or restore, or just play while not online, download the PC program (the game interpreter) (requires windows 95 or better) And download the game itself. The game can then be played by simply launching the WinFrotz.EXE program. (You REALLY might want to get your parents to help you with this one...)