Troop Future - 2005 and Beyond

Even as Buddy Irwin did in years past, we tend to dream about the future and what we would like to see happen in the life of the troop and the lives of the boys.

We are planning to petition the church to allow us to build on their property, a new meeting facility to house our Troop and the prodigious amount of historical paraphernalia that this troop has accumulated over the years. The facility would have to be funded by like-minded alumni of our troop, scattered across the United States. It could not come from the church itself.

The plans that Buddy Irwin drew up more than 15 years ago detailed an octagon-shaped meeting house with a central meeting room, with 10'x10' bunk rooms housing 6 beds each around the periphery. There would be enough beds to sleep up to sixty people. Behind the central meeting room he designed a kitchenette, complete with stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

These facilities could be used by visiting missionaries and musical groups that attended functions at our church, or for Scout Troops who were travelling through our area, to reduce the cost to their troops of travel expenses.

Plans for this facility are available here.

Alumni from our troop (and many others) have been heavily involved in rebuilding and reclaiming Old Kia Kima, the camp grounds that used to serve as summer camp before Osage and Cherokee were opened up.

Our troop will be involved in a reunion at Old Kia Kima in late September, where the Ole 97 Bridge will be dedicated, among other landmarks. (See below)

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