Ole 97 Fight Song

There are 2 versions of the Ole 97 Fight Song currently being sung. Here's a little history behind why there's TWO versions, and where they came from...

Version One

This version, written in 1947 (I believe by Buddy Irwin himself) is the original Ole 97 Fight Song. For centuries (well, ok, for decades) it was the rallying cry for hundreds if not thousands of boys. Old Alumni remember most of the words to this song and would fight to keep it just the way it's always been.

But when Buddy died back in 1989, most of the boys who were in the troop with him were close to getting their Eagle Rank, and those who were left could barely remember the words to this song. They sang me the first 2 lines, and that's all they could drag from their memories.

The tune was lost with the song, and there wasn't anyone I knew that could remember the tune, or more words of the song. I believe it was Spencer Lee and Joe Lee who told me the first 2 lines.

The words were found in a 1977 version of the Troop Songbook, which our Troop Committee Chairman had preserved.

The tune was the Old Notre Dame Fight Song. You can click on one of the links below to listen:
Click HERE for the MIDI version. (Music only, 41KB).
Click HERE for the MP3 version. (Music and Some lame singing (but ok guitar), 1MB).

Here are the Words, brought back to life:

Ole 97 Fight Song

- written 5/3/44
We're 97 we're on the beam
Our troop is tops, we're proud of our team
We'll win honor, play the game
Onward to glory, pow'r and fame.
For 97 we'll give our best
Troop 97 must lead the rest.
So, come on, fellows, get in step
We'll show'm we're plenty hep!

Hooray! Hooray!
For 97's the best troop there is
Campin' and trampin' we're just a whiz.
Onward fellows march along
Outing and scouting, we'll sing this song-
Troop 97's right on the top
We're going forward we'll never stop.
'Be Prepared' our motto live
And service to others give.

Rah! Rah! Shish Koom Bah!
Cha cha cha! Gooooo 97!!

Version Two

This version, written in 2003 (by myself) was the closest I could come to the original Ole 97 Fight Song without any further data than I had. I knew the tune to the first 2 lines (yes, I remembered it from 1983 - 2003). But, not being a college football fan, I had no idea where the tune came from, and just came up with the remainder of the tune.

Immediately after the songbook was 'published', Bill Cox came to me and said, Listen, Buddy, that's not Buddy's Fight Song! and the very next Sunday he brought a 1977 copy of the Troop Songbook to me (which I was not to lose or damage on pain of a slow death!)

I modified the songbook to include the new OLD words, and thought the whole misadventure had died an untimely death. But, to my surprise, our Cubmaster and Songleader Tony had LEARNED the NEW version (version 2) and was trying to teach it to the boys.

I haven't added the 2nd version back to the songbook yet, but probably will by the end of this year. Here are the words in it's entirety. Capital lettered words should be shouted. The tune is quite similar to the Notre Dame Fight Song.

Click HERE for the MIDI version. (Music only, VERY lame piano, single note at a time(I don't DO piano) 1KB).
Click HERE for the MP3 version. (Music and Some ok singing (and ok guitar), 1.3MB).
Click Here to Listen to the tune.

Ole 97 Fight Song (v2.0)

- written 5/23/2003

We're 97 we're on the beam
Our troop is tops, we're proud of our team
We love to hike, canoe and camp!
Or put on our boots and TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP!
We're 97, we never stop!
We'll help you up on our way to the top!
So come along and sing our song!
97, we sing for you!

We're 97, We're right on track!
Shoulder to shoulder, no turning back!
Brave and Loyal, Tried and True!
Ready to fight for the RED, WHITE AND BLUE!
We're 97, moving ahead
To fun and Adventure, while using our head!
So Eagles All, We'll try to be!
97, we sing for you!

We're 97, We never rest!
Follow our Leader, and Do Our Best!
We're a reverent bunch of boys,
But once in a While we can MAKE SOME NOISE!
We're 97, just watch and learn!
We stand Prepared to 'Do A Good Turn'!
As we move out you can hear us SHOUT!
97, we sing for you!